PlayStation Plus in September: Grow House, Extremely Time Force Super, Turned Metal

Personally I think the line-up is quite reasonable game-wise, even though I already have two of the activities (Teslagrad La-Mulana EX) and I won t be able to receive the others (my registration lastly ends at the end of the month). FUT 16 coins   But still I think that the line-ups of the last few several weeks were rather annoying. Not because most of the activities were indies, but due to the factor that the line-up seems rather uneven genre-wise.

Nearly each 1 month, the majority of the line-up seems to involve puzzle-games and 2D-platformers.A little more wide variety would be awesome. That doesn t mean that you should neglect these styles completely, but maybe switch them more often for more-favored styles like (3D) action-adventures, capturing (whether it 1st or 3rd-person), hurrying, activities or a (j)rpg one in a while and try to spread this wide variety over all systems.

E.g. the Vita got a capturing a few several weeks ago (Killzone Mercenary), so why not try to provide the PS4-people one, too?And one little suggestion:Maybe you could divided PS+ up into several smaller solutions (e.g. PS4 on the internet multi-player, Reasoning back-up for savegames, instant activity collection) and sell them individually with a little bit higher fees per assistance or in the all-in-one -package with the price as of nowadays. There are individuals that don t proper worry about the IGC and there are some that don t proper worry about multi-player. These individuals would e.g. pay 20 dollars per season (or let s say 25 euros) and would only get the solutions they really taken care of and others could register to the all-in-package which we get now.