Skyforge Dev Diary Details Large Scale Invasions

A new developer diary has emerged from Obsidian Entertainment and the Allods Team detailing ‘invasions’ in Skyforge, a huge aspect of the hotly anticipated MMORPG’s end-game content. At first glance, world of warcraft gold sellers one could understandably compare invasions to the dynamic content found in many MMORPGs these days, but let’s take a closer look before making that judgment.Invasions begin with a preparatory stage wherein the cybernetic army approaches the planet and the initial waves begin which players must fend off.

Two months later comes the harbinger of the great god of the invading Mechanoids. Expecting to find death and destruction in the wake of the initial Mechanoid waves. Finally, the invading forces’ God arrives. During the first two months, players must fight the invading forces while collecting valuable trophies and materials from defeated enemies which will be taken to Pantheon laboratories, providing players with resistance stats essential in the fight against the harbinger.Invasions will be huge events for all kinds of players, though only the strongest immortals will be able to take part in the final battle.

However, there will be special adventures during invasions for 3-5 players, as well as 10-man raids of varying difficulty. Each invasion could potentially change the face of Skyforge’s game world and the consequences will even affect those who haven’t yet made it to divinity. If players are victorious, a period of prosperity begins for Aelion which will grant bonuses to rewards for everybody.

Whereas a defeat brings with it occupation to the settlements of Aelion by invading forces.By taking part in invasions, Skyforge players will receive resistance resources, sparks to unlock divine nodes, epic the best wow gold sales quality equipment, rewards and bonuses, and exclusive outfits and accessories. Players who take part in fighting off invasions may be placed on the leaderboards and by defeating invasion Avatars, will be able to make significant progress through the Divine Atlas.Perhaps not so similar to current MMO dynamic events after all, if only from the pure scale of each invasion. It will certainly be interesting to see precisely how large an effect invasions have on the world of Skyforge over time.Source: Press release Related: Beta, Features, News, PvE, Skyforge