GOG Adds Three Classic Star Trek Games to Catalog

As a Star Trek fan, I have been wondering for years whether or not we would ever see any of the Star Trek video games be made available through digital distribution. There have been a lot world of warcraft gold sellers of great Star Trek games over the years but, until now, no one has made them available for purchase. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

Today, GOG  has added three classic Star Trek games to its catalog.The three games currently available are Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (released back in 1992), Star Trek: Judgment Rites (released 1993), and Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (released 1997). All three games are priced for $5.99 each though GOG  offers the option to purchase all three of them for $17.97.Developed by Interplay, 25th Anniversary and Judgment Rites are point-and-click adventure games available for PC, Mac, and linux platforms while Starfleet Academy, a simulator, is only available for PC.

The first two games are set during Kirk and company’s stint on the USS Enterprise and features not only point-and-click gameplay, but first-person starship simulator gameplay as well. As for Starfleet Academy, it is a sim game that imitates the life of a Starfleet cadet.But the releases won’t stop there. GOG  and Interplay have said that more Star Trek games from the publisher’s library will be announced sometime in the near future. Which games will be released on the digital platform was not revealed, though there are only six more Star Trek games in Interplay’s catalogWill you be purchasing any of the available Star Trek games? Sound off in the comments below!Editor’s Note: After purchasing the games, I might try and stream one or two of them on my Twitch channel. I haven’t been active recently, but there are plans to change that and come up with a regular schedule.