E3 2014: WWE 2K15 Showcases the Power of NBA 2K Tech

Last year’s entry in the WWE franchise–WWE 2K14–was in a weird spot. 2K secured the WWE license and essentially shipped the game that THQ and Yuke’s have been finishing before the former NBA 2k15 MT Coins company closed its doors, giving Visual Concepts little time to put its mark to the 2K14 product. That’s not the case with WWE 2K15. This year, the crew at Visual Concepts wants to apply the same level of care it takes with the NBA 2K series to its WWE games.Unfortunately, it can be too early for 2K to show the game in action for any platform, but we did see some examples of the NBA 2K influence. For starters, the PlayStation four and Xbox A single versions of your game will use the same head- and body-scanning techniques Visual Concepts used for NBA 2K15. 2K showed this from the form of an ultra-detailed model of John Cena’s head–various bumps and scarring were immediately visible.

While impressive by itself, seeing it side-by-side next to Cena’s head model from last yr made the leap in detail that substantially far more apparent. There was also a brief demonstration of Cena’s facial expressions that have been bordering on uncanny valley levels of detail. 2K said that around 90 percent from the people planned for that roster have already been scanned, such as WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan (who was announced as part in the roster at E3, along with Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Cesaro, and Cena).The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions from the game won’t have the benefit of your head- and body-scanning tech since it, according to 2K, was developed specifically for the PS4 and Xbox A single hardware. Wrestler models will still see a major bump in total detail, as evidenced by an additional side-by-side comparison between John Cena of 2K14 and the Cena of 2K15.Visuals Concepts will also bring its extensive expertise in high-quality commentary to the table. The development group managed to not only get Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler on to the play-by-play, but also recorded both of them in the same room at the same time, creating an opportunity for natural banter that mimics what you might hear on TV. Indeed, according to 2K, this means the duo has about 50 times a lot more lines than in earlier games with about 30 to 35 hours of dialogue recorded in total.And that’s where things left off. No discussions of modes or gameplay specifics quite yet.

2K also teased some improvements in animation, so we’re anxious to see that, at the same time as how improved character models and commentary will all come together before the game’s release on October 28.See extra coverage of E3 2014 ?ú I imagine a perfect wrestling game ending up with an open world type of gameplay like GTA.? The ability to go into the crowd, up the stairs, into the concession area, open doors during the backstage area and go through those rooms exploring for new weapons during a falls count anywhere match. So, how bout that Cena graphics/reallife comparison? Any chance we’ll get to see that? I hope that will come out on PC, but unfortunately I have to continue to play WWE 13 by Dolphin They better put wrestlers like Mr.Perfcet,Brian Pillman,Kurt Angle,Sting and most of the guys from the Ruthless Aggression era. Should really we say finally ! guy i’m craving to see at least a character model comparison ! No much more stupid DLC where they literally withhold characters that are already programed into the game like The Ultimate Warrior. i have no intrest proper now in this game add the backstage areas or going in the crowd again then ill be intrested i just get bored every year playing these games that dont change a whole alot. All I want is an improved CAW.

The last few have been utterly terrible. Improve Universe Mode and then we’ll talk lol but seriously I’m happy about the new information. I’m definitely getting a PS4!Hopefully, there will probably be a storyline for divas and an total bigger roster of female superstars.? @chev93489 For years people have been defending both THQ and Yukes, even when THQ went bankrupt people still defended them saying “Oh but it had been THQ that made them release it before it was finished” but the truth is they have been both as bad as each other and Yukes have been getting lazier with each release with every game them put out.2007 was the last game that Wrestler models actually looked like their real life counter parts, but it really is gotten to the point where the models look extra like actions figures/toys than actually wanting like their real life counterparts.Look at the likes of Andrew, Austin Rock etc in 2k14, they all look like crap, the last most effective Andre model was in Smackdown Vs Raw 2006, Austin and Rock 2007, but since 2008 they’ve been going down the road of doing less work to the models and the gameplay hasn’t been good since 2007 either.

THQ slowly start having financial problems and Yuke’s start getting lazy and burnt out and became a disaster ever since. To make it worst THQ just took shortcuts, only performing the bare minimum and not encouraging Yuke’s to do better.Nobody was white-knighting THQ and Yuke’s, especially THQ. I understand what your saying, but the very first paragraph threw me off a little.Now that 2K has a bigger component inside the development unlike 2K14 which was mostly develop under THQ, mostly now we will see is improvements in eighth-gen version and polishing to reach 2K liking within the seventh-gen version. @chev93489?@BamaGoatt tell me who was great in that era that wasn’t brought in from wcw. Rock was glorified but a mediocre performer similar to cena good Mic skills bad in ring although. Besides him the bad guy may be the only other standout. The rest came from wcw I guess Brett Hart would count but he left after Buy 2k15 MT coins Montreal so it felt like a short attitude era for him. I think the reason for that was due to THQ constantly making Yuke’s adding and removing with every new game release. Also WWE gets to possess the final word on what they want to become from the game for example the roster.It wasn’t seen as problem sixth-gen because while Yuke’s include something, they also polish the game also. Seventh-gen it became a problem, they include and remove, poorly polish the game and didn’t bug-test the games (it became a big problem from Smackdown vs Raw 2011 and onward).